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Use the CareCredit Healthcare Credit Card for your pet's healthcare needs.

Community Veterinarian Clinic Care Credit

Payment Options

We have many payment options and work within any budget.

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New Client Registration

If you are visiting one of our four locations for the first time, please feel free to fill out our New Client Registration form. Please have your form filled out upon arrival for your pet's first appointment with us.

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Payment Options

Most of the medications, diagnostics, and monitors we are using are human products, and just like human health care costs, veterinary care costs have risen dramatically.

Pet owners approach the cost of medical care in four basic ways.

  1. This pet is my child.  I will do anything for him, no matter the cost.
  2. This is my beloved pet. I want the best for him but need to know the costs, so I can plan accordingly.
  3. I want to take care of my pet but have limited funds.  Explain the best care to me but work with me to provide secondary options, if I can’t afford the best right now.
  4. This is only an animal .  He can be replaced. I only want the basic care I request.

We regularly see all four types of owners and work well in providing a full range of services to meet your expectations.

Financial Philosophy

Whether it’s routine care like vaccinations and heartworm protection, or the most serious illness or injury, we are committed to excellence in care for your pet.  We recommend the best in health care, explain our treatment plan, and give an accurate cost  estimate for the services.  We look for your direction, work within your budget, and adjust the treatment plan if necessary. From the most advanced care, to the most basic home treatments, we will give your pet the best you can afford.

Options include-

  1. Cash or check
  2. Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) Community Vet Clinic now accepting Visa Discover and Master Card Payment Options
  3. Care Credit- a healthcare card for pets, 6 months no interest, apply over the phone or in the office
  4. Checks held over a period of time and deposited at prescribed  times.

Payment is due after a visit and before the animal is discharged. 

For hospitalized patients, a deposit covering the procedures to be performed will be required.